About Kiwi

I am a mother of two, wife of an archaeologist, IT Manager at a University, and hobbyist writer.  This site is a home for the random stuff kicking around in my head.  All text and images are copyright Kirsten Juli-Anne Petersen and may only be reproduced with my written permission. (But I will probably give it because I’m cool like that.)

I can’t decide where to put my stuff, so I have pages everywhere:
AWordForThat.com – home of my Fluffy Chicken web comic
kiwibitsandbites.blogspot.com – I might possibly put some more family newsletters here
blogs.oregonstate.edu/kiwibits – More IT-related content (read: more professional blog)

I’m also on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook. And some other places, but you’ll have to find those for yourself. :)